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Terms of Service

Our Agreement with our Customer.

1. Estimates:

(a) If no deposit is made, estimates are valid for only 1 year.

(b) If a deposit is made, the estimate is locked into the terms and conditions outlined below, in section 2, “Deposits”. 

2. Deposits:

(a) A deposit of fifty per cent (50%) of the total estimate or the total cost of the materials, including the top cover fabric and trims, whichever is greater, is required to be paid before work is started.

3.  Additional Charges for Labor & Materials:

(a) If, when the furniture is being stripped, it becomes necessary for additional work to be carried out, provided the cost does not exceed ten per cent (10%) of total estimate, remedial work will be completed and the cost will be added to the final invoice without reference to the client. However, if the cost exceeds ten per cent (10%) of total estimate, the client will be contacted to obtain approval for:

    • the additional work to be carried out, and
    • the additional cost of materials

(b) If the chosen top fabric used, is a stripe, plaid, or repeat that requires alignment or centering, there may be an additional charge of up to but not exceeding ten per cent (10%) of labor estimate, due to extra time for planning and execution.

4.  Pickup, Delivery & Storage Fees:

(a) Unless otherwise agreed upon, Boothe’s Son Upholstering Co., L.L.C., will pick up no sooner than 2 weeks before the commencement of work, and will hold furniture for no longer than 2 weeks after completion of work. 

(b) Pickup and Delivery fees may be waived, charged at a flat rate, charged by mileage, or charged on a per man per hour basis, at the discretion of Boothe’s Son Upholstering Co., L.L.C., and its representatives.

(c) Early pickup or holding more than 2 weeks past completion date will incur storage fees at a rate of $5 per square ft. of space occupied, per month.

5.  Payment Terms & Methods:

(a) The balance of payment is due in full for labor, materials and any other charges specified in the estimate, applied and/or agreed at a later stage, on the day the completed furniture and/or goods are ready for pick up. Payment plans must be established and verified prior to delivery.

(b) Acceptable methods of payment include cash, check, and major credit card.  A 3% fee will be added to the total on all credit card transactions to cover processing fees.

6. Penalties & Fees:

(a) After work has commenced, any changes made to the deadline of a contract will be considered a rush fee and 10% will be added to the total labor costs.

(b) Cancellations after making a deposit, pickup, and/or partial work completed will incur charges to cover all non-refundable materials, materials already used for any portion of the work we have completed, shipping costs, labor costs, pickup, delivery & storage fees plus a $25 service charge.

(c) Failure to complete payment or set up a delivery date as outlined in the “Pickup, Delivery, & Storage Fees” section results in storage charges as outlined in that section.

(d) All accounts owed are responsible for any and all final billings, incurred expenses, losses, fees, charge backs, time commitment, legal counsel, etc… as a result of bounced checks, refusal of payment, breaking contact, use of fraudulent payments, or any other attempt to avoid payment or defraud us in any way.  ***NOTE*** Many fees and charges can be avoided if you just give us a call and make some sort of arrangements.

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